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Nothing New In January – New Years Resolutions

Today I am sharing my simple living new years resolutions / new years goals with you.

We are trying to live a simple more intentional life and by simplifying the “stuff” in our lives I am trying to embrace more experiences.  More travel and having more fun.  Simplifying my home has made me take a serious look at everything we use in our home and question the way we have always done things.  I like to set resolutions that I can achieve.  Nothing is worse than getting to the end of the year and not achieving anything you set out to do at the beginning.  These 6 goals are very attainable and maybe you will want to try them out too!

Here are my 2019 Simple Living Goals:

Nothing in the New Year

Today I am joining Angela from Arrow Hill Cottage, on the Nothing New in the New Year Challenge. Check out her Minimalist Resolutions Here and her Minimalist Resolutions video here.  This challenge is really simple!  The challenge is to try not to buy anything new in the month of January.  I feel this should be an easy challenge since we are coming out of Christmas and most of us have a lot of new things from the holidays.  I am still going to buy groceries and necessities, obviously we have to eat, but nothing else.  It will be interesting to see how much money we can save.  After January is over I will continue throughout the year and only buy things we really need.

Before every purchase I like to ask myself a few questions.  Where will I put this item?  How often will I use this? Do I really need it?  Is this a quality item that will last?

If I can answer all of these questions then I will write the item I am thinking of buying on a list and wait a month.  If I am still thinking of the item every week then I will usually make the purchase, but 9 times out of 10 I forget about the item until I see the list.  If that is the case I don’t buy it.  Sometimes waiting makes you realize you didn’t need it after all.

nothing in the new year

Make Our Home Less Toxic

Turns out we have a lot of toxic things in our homes.  Who knew?  I watched the documentary Stink and became horrified at the amount of chemicals that are added into so many products we use and consume.  I was already trying to make our home more eco friendly, but now I am going to try to make our home less toxic.  I would suggest watching the documentary Stink and A Plastic Ocean.  Both of these documentaries really showcased what is happening in our homes and in our environment.  I am not trying to be perfect by any means, but I would love if my children could grow up in a non toxic world.

I am always looking for ways to be more eco friendly.  Last year I stopped using plastic bags and I try not to buy things wrapped in plastic.  If there is a glass option I always choose the glass.  I notice most of the waste we create is from our kitchen so this year I am going to focus on transforming our kitchen into an eco friendly zone, with less waste.

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No Screen Days

I would love to implement a no screen day or portion of a day.  I am mostly talking to myself on this goal and maybe my kids.  I would love a day where I don’t have any electronics going and no screens!  I think we will start out with the weekends and try a no screen Sunday morning.  Most goals are achieved over time, my plan is to start with a no screen Sunday morning and transition that to a full day every week where we don’t have any devices going.  Not even the TV!  I honestly think this goal would be harder than losing weight LOL.

Live Intentionally

Intentional living requires one to be aware of one’s fundamental beliefs and to be willing to make an effort to have their behavior reflect these beliefs in a form of integrity in relation to his or her conscience and environment.”-wikipedia  To state this simply, I want to make the effort.  It is easier to not declutter and it is easier to mindlessly shop for fun, and eat fast food.  I want to make the effort to choose the better option, if there is a choice.

Keep Decluttering and Get Organized

Most of 2018 was spent decluttering our home.  This was a huge undertaking!  It seems there is always something that can be decluttered, but this year I would like to start getting organized.  I would like our home to be ultra organized.  I plan to come up with some ways to get organized and stay that way.  The first item on my list is the kitchen and after that I want to finish our office/art room.
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Handmade Home

The last goal is to have a handmade home, well sort of.  I want to implement more crafts and try out more recipes for dinner and snacks.  Now that my oldest son is almost five I think he can start helping around the house and learning how to do everyday chores.  My husband said when he was growing up he would make a dinner at least one night every week.  It taught him how to shop and cook!  I love this idea and I would like to get my kids involved with the cooking, cleaning, and money aspect of our home.  I think five years old is a good age to start getting involved.

Here is a free PDF to write your 2019 Resolutions on!

New Year's Resolutions

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