Easy Minimalist Hacks to Try Now

9 minimalist hacks

We have been becoming minimalist for 5 years now.  From our journey, I have some easy minimalist hacks to share with you.

Don’t worry I am not going to tell you to declutter.  Implement these simple changes today!

Easy Minimalist Hacks to Try Now!


Write a List

Instead of heading straight to the store every time something pops in your head write it down.

Make a list each time you want something.  Now here is the trick.

Sit on this list, but not literally!  Just wait for 24 to 48 hours before you go and buy anything.

Revisit the list after your waiting time and see if you still feel you want these items.

A lot of the time we buy things on impulse and by simply waiting we can avoid unnecessary purchases.


Minimalist Hack Log Out

Minimalism isn’t only about stuff.  For some of us, it’s how we spend our time.

Social media can eat up a lot of time if you aren’t paying attention.

For instance, your phone pings, and the next thing you know an hour has been spent scrolling.

If you want to avoid wasting time then log out of your apps.

By logging out you have created a red flag for yourself.  When I get the urge to check a certain app and see I am logged out I am less likely to log in again.

It is just one more step that makes me think twice before scrolling.


Plan Your Decluttering

Let’s be clear I am not telling you to declutter, but rather to plan for it.

The best minimalist hack is to plan a few times a year to go through your stuff.  Making sure you still like and use everything.

I like to declutter each season.

As soon as the new season rolls around I take a stroll through my home to make sure we still want everything.


Schedule Down Time Minimalist Hack

One of the reasons I became more minimal is so I had more time to do the things I like to do.

To enjoy life and be in control of life rather than the other way around.

This is why it is important to schedule some downtime or time to relax.  Time to recharge, or enjoy your hobbies.

It is surprising as an adult with children how easy it is to completely forget about our lives and our hobbies.

We only get one life so make sure you are doing what you want with it!


Carry Less

When first becoming minimal I was obsessed with decluttering our home.  I didn’t really think about what I was carrying.

After a little while, I branched out and looked into my purse, wallet, and car.

It turned out I was carrying so many things I didn’t use or need.

I downsized to a smaller purse that is very lightweight and I cleaned out my car and wallet.

It is very freeing to carry less.

This translated over to when we traveled as well.  A great minimalist hack is to see how little you really need to carry around.


Put Things Away

Putting things away actually helps you to become more minimalist!

Hear me out on this one.  By having a place for everything in your home and life you quickly realize how much you really have room for.

I also realized how much I want to be dealing with.

By putting things away you are forced to declutter if you have too much.  When there is no place for something then it’s time for it to go.


Work Smarter

Working smarter not harder is a great motto.  If you are smart about how you approach minimalism then it won’t be hard.

When decluttering avoid distractions.  Try not to shop as often if you want to own less.

Combine similar tasks so you have more time to spend on the things you love to do.

For instance, when I go to drop off donations I try to gather things for a while making sure I have everything.

This way I only have to make one trip.


Minimalist Hack Set Limits

This is one of my favorite minimalist hacks and I have used it for a lot of areas in my home.

Simply set some limits.  Decide how much you really need of a certain thing and then set the limit.

Whenever you hit your limit you declutter.  I have set limits for almost every area of our lives.

For instance 4 of us live here so I have set a limit of 2 towels per person.

If we get a new towel then I get rid of an old towel.

I have set a limit on shoes for myself.  Keeping only one of each type.  A dressy pair of shoes, sandals, boots, etc.

When that pair wears out I replace that exact category.

This is a great way to stay minimal and avoid gathering more than we need.


No Spend Challenge

Try a no-spend challenge.  The great thing about this minimal hack is you will be surprised by what you find out.

Make your own rules and then see how long you can go without spending any money.

Of course, you will have to spend on necessities, but see what you can go without.

Some people try a no-spend day, week, month, or year.  It is up to you!

This made me realize I had no problem not spending money for an extended period of time, but I did want to buy things.

I simply wrote down everything I would have bought and revisited it after my challenge was over.

This is a great way to save money and also analyze where your money is going and if you truly need the things you are buying.


Minimalist Hacks Conclusion

With these minimalist hacks, it will be easy to become more minimal and avoid clutter.  

Leave me a comment with your best minimalist hack that has helped the most.

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  1. Amira

    The hack helpful and thank you . Since used to be minimal person I stopped buying too much cloth that save time for washing and organizing cloth when go back to before year I become surprised how I live with too much cloth

    1. SHANNON

      I am so happy this post was helpful! I hope you have a nice day.

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