Fall Capsule Wardrobe Tips and Tricks

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Tips and Tricks

Today I am sharing my Fall capsule wardrobe tips and tricks.  Switching to a capsule wardrobe has simplified my morning routine and made my closet look a lot more neat.  As the seasons change I like to switch out my clothes.  Therefore leaving the items that I love and will wear throughout the season.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Tips and Tricks Video

Watch this video to see my Fall capsule wardrobe tips and trick in action.  Every season I use these tricks to keep my wardrobe organized and ready for the current season.

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Capsule Wardrobes: Dress for the Weather

I dress for the weather rather than the current trend.  In southern California it is still really hot until November.  Fall is a transitional month for my wardrobe.

I like to pull out all of my really summery clothes and add in some items I can layer.  Layers are key for Fall.  By using layers I can get away with wearing a lot of my shirts from summer. 

How to Store Clothes

I store all of my out of season tops in the bottom drawer of my dresser.  By doing this I don’t lose track of what I have and it is very easy to switch out my clothes.  When it comes to pants I move them to the far side for summer and I move them back when it is Fall and Winter.

Long pants are something that can be worn throughout the entire year so I don’t see the point in storing them outside of my closet.

Reverse the Hanger

My number one tip for this Fall capsule wardrobe tips and tricks post is to REVERSE your hangers! This season I am using the reverse the hanger method.  I know I have too many pairs of pants so I am hanging them with the hanger facing out.

As I wear each pair of pants I will switch the hanger facing in.  This is a really easy way to see what you wear and what you don’t.  Anything that I don’t find myself wearing until next spring will be donated.

Read exactly how the reverse the hanger method works plus a lot of other great decluttering tricks! 


Good hangers are very important.  I prefer a mix of velvet and also plastic.  These high quality hangers from Amazon come at a great price.  The velvet hangers are great for shirts that tend to slip off of a plastic hanger, but plastic hangers are great for items with a tighter neckline.  By getting all the hangers in black it still gives my closet a cohesive look.

Capsule Clothing Amounts

I almost never count how many items are in my capsule wardrobe because I don’t really think it matters as long as you are wearing everything.  This season I decided to count because I am very interested in project 333 and I wanted to see how much I have.

I have 16 shirts, and that is including the long sleeve tops I am using for layering.  12 pairs of pants!  Way too many, but that is why I am using the hanger trick to weed out the ones I don’t wear. 

Decluttering and Capsule Wardrobes

Declutter at the end of each season.  By waiting until the season is over to declutter you will have a really good idea of what you want to get rid of.  There were probably items that you didn’t wear or that seemed worn out by the end of summer.  

Benefits from a Capsule Wardrobe

There are so many benefits from having a capsule wardrobe.

  • Save money!  You know exactly what you own and what works together.  This helps when you shop because you won’t find yourself buying something just to get it home and realize it doesn’t work with anything.
  • Saving time!  You will save so much time.  There are many reasons; everything works together, less shopping because more is not better, and less time on laundry.
  • A pretty closet.  I could never figure out why my closet always looked horrible, it turned out I had too much crammed in there.
  • Helping the environment.  Shopping less creates less waste.  Find good quality items and wear them for a few years, this way you save more money too.

Switching my capsule wardrobe from Summer to Fall was easy and fun.  Do you use a capsule wardrobe?


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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Tips and Tricks

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