Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2019

Winter is here and it’s time to switch to my winter capsule wardrobe.  It is easy to pick out what to wear if you love everything in your closet.

For this winter capsule wardrobe I am working with what I already own.  I am always surprised by how many looks can be made with just a few items.  I like to start with some basic neutral pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.  My first rule for the closet is to make sure you like / love everything that is in there.  If something doesn’t fit or you don’t feel comfortable in something I would suggest taking it out of your closet, at least for this season.

Start Simple

I like to start with a few simple items that you know you will need.  It is winter so I know I need pants.  Everyone has their favorites, I am a pants person.  If you are a dress or skirt person start there.  I am picking 4 to 5 pairs of pants.  Three pairs of skinny pants; Green, black, and blue jeans and one pair of wide leg jeans.  The most important part of picking your wardrobe is making sure everything fits your body and that you like the way you look in these items.

I don’t like to have a limit on my items.  Some people do 30 items, but when I put a number on something it stresses me out.  I don’t want to feel like I failed the capsule wardrobe if I realize I need something.  Pick out the amount of items you feel will get you through a week and go with that.  I put everything that I intend to wear on one side of my closet.  Moving everything that won’t be included in my capsule wardrobe to my drawers or to the other side of my closet makes finding my clothes easier.  This helps me to find everything I want to mix and match together.  I don’t get rid of my out of season clothing and I don’t store them away.  Simply move the items out of sight so you can see this current seasons wardrobe.


The good thing about winter is you can layer!  I choose 8 shirts; a few short sleeve, a few sweaters and a few long sleeve shirts.  I like to wear button up shirts over a short sleeve shirt that way you have 2 looks in one.  This is also great for days when it can get warmer or cooler.  Layer up or peal off!  Adding a scarf or jacket can also transform a basic black outfit into something more dressy or colorful.  A cardigan or a puffer vest can also dress up/warm up a simple outfit.


Coordinating Colors

I am personally most comfortable in dark colors, but I am trying to introduce more white and cream colors into my wardrobe.  I tend to go with black, white, blue, and gray.  All these colors can be mixed, matched and layered with each other.  I find it harder to mix in colorful items.  This season I do have a warm red sweater that I am trying as my only colorful piece.

The other thing with really colorful items is they tend to stick out more.  You could probably wear a black shirt everyday of the week and no one would notice, but if you wore the red sweater everyday, I think people might notice that.  I had a friend who wore a colorful striped sweater all the time, he could have actually been wearing different striped sweaters, but it stood out.  We always said you know our friend, the one with the stripe sweater.


Few Patterns

Patterns can be hard to mix and match.  I had some wild black and white print pants that I finally donated.  Why? Well that is because they didn’t match anything.  I could only wear these pants with one specific shirt and because these pants stood out so much I didn’t want to wear them often.  So that is something to keep in mind when picking your capsule wardrobe.  Wild print pants don’t necessarily go with a striped shirt, you get the idea.

Add on if you have to

I am all about doing what works and breaking your own rules if you have to.  Years ago, when I first did a capsule wardrobe, I felt like I couldn’t add anything or switch something out.  I felt I had to only work with what I had picked.  This is crazy! Things come up, the weather changes.  Plus this is meant to be a fun challenge, not something stressful.  So I say if you need to add something you should.



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