The Cozy Minimalist Home Book Review

Today I am sharing the Cozy Minimalist Home book review.  This year I have decided to read one book every month, one down 11 to go!  The focus will be on minimalism, simple living, frugality, and ways to better yourself.  This month we are starting with the Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith in an attempt to cozy up our homes.

cozy minimalist home book review

The Cozy Minimalist Home Book Review What You Can Expect

In this book you can expect to learn simple ways to make your home cozy without needing a ton of decorations.  The story starts out with the authors journey into minimalism.  Explaining why all the decor in the world won’t necessarily make your home look awesome.

I can relate to this on so many levels.  When I moved into my first home after getting married I went to many garage sales to find inexpensive decorations.  The problem was I would get home, set all my decorations on my shelves, and realize it didn’t look good.

This book will give you actionable steps on how to set up a room.  Pointing out that less is more when it comes to decorations.

This book does not go into how to declutter your whole home, but rather focuses on minimalist decorating ideas.

It does include a lot of beautiful pictures and some amazing comparison photos.  There are some photos that illustrate a home that is decorated without her minimalist philosophy and photos with her philosophy.  Proving less decor can be very beautiful and cozy.


Stuff Manager

There is a whole section on being a stuff manager.  The more stuff you have the more time you spend managing that stuff!  Again she keeps this theory related to decor, but I think this can relate to everything you own.

This book is so relatable!  I think we have all felt like a stuff manager at one point in our lives.


Find A Style

There is a section on how to find your own style.  Furniture and decor companies come up with certain names for decor styles.  Most of the time we can’t fall directly into one of these categories which leads to frustration.

This book encourages you to find your own unique decor style.  I love this idea because fitting into a certain label is almost impossible.  For instance I think of myself as a minimalist, but I don’t necessarily identify with a minimalist decor style.

Yes I love a light bright home, but I also love art on my walls and framed pictures on my landing.  This is why finding your own style will help you decorate without pressure to conform.



There are quite a few ways to make a home cozy without a bunch of stuff.  One way is adding some warm lighting which is also discussed in the Little Book Of Hygge.  You can read my Hygge post here.

Adding rugs, warm paint colors, drapes and furniture can obviously give a home that cozy feeling.  In this book Myquillyn gives you an exact recipe for adding each item to a room.  I won’t give her secret recipe away, but I will share one thing that really surprised me.

She suggests to paint your room LAST!  Set up your room exactly how you want it and then paint.  My whole life I have always thought I should paint first, while the room is empty.  You will have to read the book to find out why she suggests this.

The Cozy Minimalist Home Book Review



At the very end of the book she goes into minimalism and how it changed everything for her.  She talks about having enough.  I love this concept because I think most of the time we always want more.  Myquillyn says, “One of the best parts of minimalism is this odd sensation you begin to experience-one that most people never allow themselves to feel.  It’s called ENOUGH.”

This is such a great quote because it is very true.  Ever since I started decluttering and becoming more minimalist I feel like I have enough of everything.  When Christmas comes around I don’t want anything.  I even struggled to find something for my kids because we have everything we need.

Another excellent point she makes is by saying, “The goal is to get your home in a place where you can forget about it.”  Of course she is talking about home decor, but I feel this quote can apply to being minimalist too.

Being minimalist isn’t about a race to have the least amount of things because then you are still making it all about stuff.  I feel minimalism should be about getting to a place where you don’t feel like you need more.  Of course there will be times when you run out of something and you have to replace it, but over all you shouldn’t feel like you are in a race to accumulate stuff.


Minimalist Moral of the Story

You can have a home that feels cozy and inviting without all the extra decor.

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