Find out why I will only ever carry a minimalist purse.

Before I even knew what being a minimalist was, I downsized my purse.  I use to be what my mom called a, “bag lady” . I had so many bags!

Large colorful bags that had special dodads that hung from them.  These bags were really heavy, and got even heavier as I added my stuff.

Downsizing My Purse

What I realized is I was getting a lot of neck pain and shoulder pain from my purse.  So I started carrying a smaller light weight bag.  The more I carried this light bag the better I felt.

I also started to realize all of those “things” I carried were not even necessary.  When I first switched to my smaller purse I put everything I thought I might need into a zipper pouch and stuck it in my car.  Guess what!  Over a year later, I realized I never once went into that zipper pouch to get anything.

The zipper pouch with everything in it could be decluttered.



Decluttering Purses

I hung onto my bright large bags for too long.  Finally realizing I would never go back to these bags because they were just too heavy.

Now I have one lightweight purse.  I chose a solid black for the color, so it can be used in any situation.

Along our minimalist journey I realized it is a good idea to buy a color that can go with everything.  This way I don’t need to change my purse for different outfits.

Minimalist Purse Regret?

The one thing I can proudly say is, I have never regretted anything I have decluttered.  Carrying a minimalist purse with less stuff is the best decision I ever made!

I only carry what I need and if there is an emergency I know I can most likely pop into a store to buy that “thing.”

The best thing about being minimalist is feeling free!  I don’t feel held down by a heavy bag.

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