Before I even knew what minimalist was I downsized my purse.  I use to be what my mom called a, “bag lady” . I had so many bags!  So many large colorful bags that had special dodads that hung from them.  These awesome bags were really heavy, even empty, but that didn’t stop me.

What I realized is I was getting a lot of neck pain and shoulder pain from my purse.  So I started carrying a smaller light weight bag.  The more I carried this bag the better I felt, I also started to realize all of those “things” I thought I needed in my big bag I didn’t even need at all.  When I first switched to my smaller bag I put everything I thought I might need into a zipper pouch and stuck it in my car.  Guess what!  Over a year later I realized I never once went into that zipper pouch to get anything.

I hung onto my bright large bags for a few years, but finally realized I would never go back to these bags because they were just too heavy.

I finally found a bag brand that I absolutely love!  I love their bags because they weigh just about nothing.  I have one of their small purses for my everyday bag and I have a larger bag for when I travel.  The brand is called Baggallini, it was founded by two flight attendants, who saw a problem that need to be solved and that was light weight bags with lots of pockets for organization.  I love to be organized!  I found my bags a TJ MAXX, but you can also buy them online.

Click the link above to see all the bags.

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