My 1950’s Wedding Decor

1950s Wedding decor ideas

My 1950’s Themed Wedding Decor

A major part of our wedding planning was coming up with how we would decorate as the 1950s.
I found these cheap flamingos at a garden store. When looking up the 1950s a recurring theme is pink flamingos.
We added these to the grass area around the wedding tent.
Did I mention we got married in a parking lot?
A great way to save money on a wedding is to make your own venue. One if the biggest wedding expenses is the place where you get married. 
We were able to use the parking lot of my grandpa’s shop to transform into our wedding venue.  Renting a dance floor, tent, tables, and chairs created our own wedding venue.
This saved us a lot of money.


Wedding Flowers

1950s Wedding decor flowers

I decided early on I didn’t want to spend too much money on flowers.
Thankfully Katherine our wedding coordinator was able to come up with some inexpensive options for flowers that came out looking awesome!
We used Jack Daniel’s bottles as our vases because the logo is very retro-looking and made a unique statement.


1950s Wedding Flower ideas
We couldn’t have done it without our wedding coordinator, Katherine, she was a major help and really knew what she was doing! 
The table sign holders are from Ikea and we printed out our own labels to show people where to sit.

Wedding Candy Table


1950s Wedding Flower ideas

I knew from the start that I wanted a candy/cake table with 1950s candy and candy from New Zealand.
My husband is from NZ so I wanted to incorporate some elements from his country. 
Before we left New Zealand I bought this retro Pavlova tea towel and framed it to hang over the desert table.
Adding colorful candy was a special treat to eat at the wedding and also ended up being the party favor people could take home with them.

1950s Theme Wedding Candy Table

1950s Wedding Flower ideas


I found some super cute cake toppers in Olvera Street.  They are actually salt and pepper shakers.
So now we can use them in our house.


1950s Wedding Flower ideas
Our cake was ordered from Costco.  What a way to save money! Order your cake from somewhere affordable.
Let me tell you a secret, no one remembers the cake and it can be so expensive.  We ordered 2 large Costco cakes one white and one chocolate.
Everyone loved it!

1950s Theme Wedding Dance Floor


Checkered 1950s dance floor
I am so happy I went with the checkered dance floor because it really brought the whole 1950’s theme together and added a lot of interest to the pictures.
If you want people to dance order a dance floor! It’s hard to dance on concrete.
The black and white checkered floor made just the statement this wedding needed.

1950s sign

We made this cute sign ourselves and hung it on the bathroom door so everyone knew where the bathroom was.

Finally, we wanted everyone to have fun so we had hula hoops for kids and adults to play with.
wedding cake toppers
All of these photos were taken by Jerry Foss and Richard Wong the best photographers ever!
Honestly, if you need photographers for your wedding, these guys are the best.  They are both super easy to work with, very funny, and cool.  I am so happy with every photo they took, and I feel like without them I would not have even seen my own wedding!

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