Shared Boys Room Organization

shared boys room

Today I am showing our shared boys room organization tips.  This is how we stay organized with everything that needs to be stored in this room.

We keep all of their toys, clothes, and games in this room.  Because it is organized we can easily fit everything they need.


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Organizational Tips for Kids Room


1 – Move Furniture Around

Every once in a while I like to look around the room and make sure that the furniture is set up in the best way possible.

As my boys get older they change and that means their room should change too!  We ended up moving the beds around so they have more floor room to play and use their room.

shared room


2 – Use Hooks

Hooks are such a lifesaver! I like to make sure they are hung low enough so my boys can reach them and use them.  We like to hang the obvious things; hats, bags, capes, and dress-up stuff.


3 – Do What is Good For the Moment

Once in a while, something comes up and we decide to make some quick changes.   A little while ago my son started to get scared in the night.  They wanted the beds pushed together!  So I said sure why not.  Now that stage is over and we can move the beds apart again.

Rooms do not need to be set in stone.  I like to make changes with the idea that more changes can be made in the future as needed.


4 – Clean As You Organize

Whenever I am moving furniture around I like to take advantage of the moved item to clean.  As we moved the beds I vacuumed and wiped down the walls.  If I had more time I might have touched up the paint too.


5 – Let The Kids Help

My younger son loves to help! So I let him.  This helps him learn how to organize and find the best way to store things.  Of course, it would be easier to do it all myself, but letting him help can be a learning experience.


6 – Utilize All The Space

Since we store everything in this room I like to utilize all the space possible.  We have low open bins under the bed for LEGO and trains.  This is great for little kids because they can easily put things away themselves.


7 – Organize with Bins

Bins are amazing! We put similar toys in each bin.  I like to use small clear bins with locking lids for smaller toys.  The nice thing about clear bins is we can easily see what should go into each bin. This helps my boys to stay organized all on their own.


8 – Explain the Organizing System

Explain what you set up to everyone in the house.  My husband and kids don’t just pick up on things at least not on organizational things LOL. 

I like to explain the new system and show them where to find everything.  This way there is less confusion.

share boys room

9 – Set Limits and Stay Clutter-Free

We stay clutter-free by setting limits and regularly decluttering all the toys.  Every season I like to go through everything and just make sure we still need everything.

By setting limits I know that we won’t be gathering more than we need.  For instance, we have a bin for stuffed animals and as soon as that bin fills up we have to clean some out if they want more.

share boys room


10 – Use Boxes in Drawers

A great way to stay organized when it comes to drawers is to use boxes.  I have found some really inexpensive boxes that fold flat when not used from Ikea.

This is an excellent way to separate socks, from underwear, and long sleeve shirts from short sleeve shirts.  This also makes it really easy for my children to put their own things away.  There is a place for everything.


Conclusion Shared Boys Room Organization 

With these simple ways to stay organized, I have found my boys are more likely to put away their toys.  It also alleviates that dreaded time when they can’t find something.  Everything has a place and system which makes cleaning easy!

I hope these tips were helpful.  Leave me a comment with your best organizational tips.



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