Top 10 Most Popular Simple Living Posts From 2022

At the beginning of every new year, it feels good to look back and see what we accomplished in the previous year.  Today I am sharing the top 10 most popular simple living posts from 2022.  Instead of finding all of the things we still need to do, it can feel good to look at what we have accomplished.  This simple living community has grown over the last year and I thought it would be fun to share the most popular posts from last year.

Top 10 Most Popular Simple Living Posts From 2022

Counting down to the 10 most popular simple living posts of the year!

10. How to Be a Minimalist With a Family

What is Family Minimalism


When I first heard about minimalism and started researching the topic I wasn’t able to find much about family minimalism.  The minimalists I saw were single people living out of a backpack or living in a tiny home. 

While I love to learn about different lifestyles I knew that this type of minimalism didn’t apply to us.  In the last year of decluttering, I learned a lot of tips and tricks that have helped us minimize our belongings and enjoy living with less. Read the full post with photos here.

9. Minimalist YouTube Channels That Inspire

When I started looking into minimalism I went onto YouTube and started searching!  I wanted a list of minimalist channels or simple living channels that I would love. 

It turns out it is easy to find videos with the word minimalism or decluttering, but it takes a while to find channels that you really like.  Click here to see 10 of my favorite channels.

8. Simple Homemade Applesauce – Only 4 Ingredients

Simple living is about simplifying everything and that means food too.  Here is a super easy recipe that my mom taught me. 

This recipe only takes 4 ingredients and you probably have them in your kitchen right now. Click here to see the Recipe.

7. 11 Rules to Stay Clutter Free

11 rules to be clutter free

Today I am sharing 11 rules to stay clutter-free.  Decluttering? Just go through your stuff and get rid of what you don’t need. 

Now staying clutter-free can be much harder.  Clutter creeps into our homes slowly and if you aren’t paying attention you may be swimming in clutter all over again.

I have found 11 ways to stay clutter-free.  These are very simple rules that I have made for our family to stay clutter-free.  After a year of decluttering the last thing I want is to declutter all over again.  Find the 11 Rules here.

6. 12 Cozy Minimalist Decor Ideas

Most people think a minimalist home must be all white and empty of all decorations.  A minimalist home can be cozy and have enough decor to make it interesting without being cluttered.  The clutter is usually in the drawers and filling the closets anyways.

If you feel a minimalist home and a cozy home can’t go together then check out these photos below to get some inspiration.  See the Photos Here.

5. 5 Habits I Changed to Become More Minimal

Living with less is easy if you just decluttered your entire home.  Now continuing to live with less and keeping your home clutter free isn’t as easy. 

I realized early on in my decluttering process that I was going to have to change some habits.  I needed new habits, that didn’t involve shopping or wanting to shop, to replace my old habits.  Click here to learn the 5 habits that changed the way we live.

4. 10 Things I Learned From Decluttering My Wardrobe

Today I am sharing 10 things I learned from decluttering my wardrobe.  As I decluttered my closet and my wardrobe I learned quite a few things about myself.  For instance why I had so many clothes and my reason for holding onto things I didn’t use or need. 

Finding out why we have so many things in the first place can help with staying decluttered in the future.

Dress For My Current Life

It became very easy to declutter once I kept the things that I wore in my current life.  Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom to two young boys.  Before I had kids I worked in an office and needed quite a few working outfits. 

For the first three years after being a stay-at-home mom, I kept my work clothes.  I kept thinking I would need these clothes someday. 

Finally, I came to the realization that if I do need some work clothes in the future I can go and find them at that time.  In all honesty, I would probably have stored the clothes for 10 years only to find out they didn’t fit and had been eaten by moths. 

I am sure you get the idea, just keep the clothes you actually wear in your everyday life.  Click here to read all the lessons I learned.

3. Waking Up At 5 AM is Changing My Life

Throughout my entire life, I have heard people say they don’t have time to do certain things.  I was one of these people.  These “things” might be getting in shape or learning a new skill.  I watched a video that talked about time, and one thing stood out and really stuck in my mind. 

That one thing is, everyone has the same amount of time each day.

If I have the same amount of time as Oprah, why am I not getting more done?  I think it is easy to use time as an excuse for why we can’t get certain things accomplished. 

I know I have done this in the past, but the truth is if you want something bad enough you will make time. 

By waking up at 5 am I am gaining 2 hours every day to do something productive.  Read more here to see how much my life changed just by waking up early!

2. 10 Lessons I Learned After a Year Of Decluttering

10 lessons I learned after a year of decluttering

I had never heard of the word “declutter”, until a few years ago.  I must have been living under a rock!  Today I am sharing 10 lessons I learned after a year of decluttering.  Yes of course we cleaned out our “stuff” when we didn’t need it anymore, but I had never analyzed everything in my life before. 

In 2011 I moved from New Zealand to California.  We whittled all of our items down to four pieces of luggage.  I had debated shipping some items to California, but the price to ship the items outweighed the items worth.  I guess we were minimalists and didn’t even know it LOL.

The clutter started to arrive when we had kids.  We moved into our condo and started decorating.  At the time I felt the more decorations I have the nicer my home will look.  Then we added kids and the next thing you know we had a lot of clutter.

By the time our second child arrived, I started to feel really overwhelmed, but I couldn’t quite figure out why.  As a stay-at-home mom, I felt a large part of my day was picking up toys.  Also, organizing toys became my new hobby. 

In 2016 I happened to watch the documentary Minimalism.  This struck a chord with me and immediately I realized I had too much stuff. 

After a year of decluttering, I learned quite a few lessons.  Click here to read all the lessons I learned.

1. 20 Reasons Your House Looks Cluttered

reasons your house looks cluttered

Have you been decluttering, but for some reason your home still looks cluttered?  I had decluttered for 6 months and my home still looked cluttered. 

My home should look minimal! The whole reason I started decluttering is I wanted a simple clean home.  After a lot more decluttering and some tweaks, I can finally share 20 reasons your house looks cluttered. 

Click here to see all the reasons your home still looks cluttered.

Thank you for joining me for the top 10 most popular simple living posts from 2022.  Let me know what was your favorite post in the comments. Pin Top 10 Most Popular Simple Living Posts From 2022:

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