Vegan Halloween Candy

Vegan Halloween Candy

If you are vegan finding candy that you can eat can be hard.  Here is a list of some yummy vegan Halloween candy to enjoy this Fall.

The Huge List of Vegan Halloween Candy!


Smarties – Vintage and delicious!

Sourpatch Kids – Chewy and sweet and sour.

Swedish Fish – Basic but still yummy.

AirHeads – Easy to eat on the go!

Dots – The candy that gets stuck in your teeth.

Charms Blowpops – Something that will last while you party all night.

Dum Dums – Small but yummy, my kids love these.

FireBalls – Spicey and lasts a while.

Jujyfruits – Chewy candy that is vegan! This can be hard to find.

Now & Later – Fruity and chewy.

Hubba Bubba Gum – Something that will last.

Fun Dip is Vegan! – So sweet and messy to eat!

Most Dark Chocolate – Just look at the ingredient list on the back of the package, but most dark chocolate is vegan.

Jolly Ranchers – Hard candy that tastes delicious. 

Ring Pops – Fun and yummy!

Fruit-by-the-foot – More of a snack, but can be used as a candy to hand out to trick or treaters.

Annies Fruit Snacks – A healthier candy option.

Oreo Minis – A fun cookie pack to hand out other than candy.


Vegan Candy Option Conclusion

I hope this long list of vegan Halloween candy gives you some good ideas of what to hand out to your trick or treaters.  These are also some fun treats to have at your vegan Halloween party! Check out Peta for more vegan product ideas.

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