Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

Today I am sharing a few super simple Halloween costume ideas.  These affordable costumes can be thrown together in one day.

Start With Your Base Outfit

All of these simple Halloween costume ideas start with some sort of all-black base.  I think everyone has something black hidden in their closet. 

You could go to a black or dark-colored dress.  Black pants and shirt or even a black tank top and shorts.  Once you have your black (or dark-colored) outfit on, then you accessorize!

Halloween is all about getting creative and having fun!  Making the costume is the best part of Halloween.  I have always enjoyed trying to come up with my own costume using items I already had or something I could find at a thrift store.

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Simple Halloween Costume Ideas:

Playboy Bunny Costume

playboy bunny halloween costume

There are 2 versions of this outfit!  You can wear something short or low cut, or you can be the sexy covered-up bunny, either way, the look is cute.  You can get the bunny ears almost anywhere!

Target, the Dollar Store, Hot Topic, You can even make bunny ears with a headband and some felt wire, and hot glue.

Once you put the outfit on the biggest part of the costume is the makeup.   Again you can go sexy with dark eye shadow on your lids or you can go cute and draw a bunny face with make-up.

One Halloween two of my friends and I dressed up as the playboy girls next door show and one of our boyfriends dressed up as Hugh Hefner!

playboy bunny costume

*circa 2007

The Devil Halloween Costume

Start with your black outfit!  Now all you need is devil ears, again this could easily be made with a headband and cardboard.

Try to find a boa, and some kind of red sash or ribbon to tie around your waist.  Just a few items can really bring a look together.

I have seen really cheap red pitchforks at the dollar store too!

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simple halloween costume ideas

*circa 2008

Pirate Costume

Again start with all black, although with this costume you can wear almost anything.  Tie a scarf around your head.  Wear a patch over your eye!

Find some gaudy gold chunky jewelry to wear.  Tie a sash around your waist!  If you have an over-sized t-shirt you can cut the edges up and put a belt around your waist, pants optional LOL.

You could wear boots or tall socks and high heels, really anything can go!

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Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

*circa 2010

Where’s Waldo Costume

One year Grant went as Where’s Waldo.  This was such an easy costume to make.  We found a long sleeve white t-shirt at a thrift store and we painted red stripes on it.

We couldn’t find a striped one that looked right, so we decided to make our own!  Then all we had to do was find a white beanie.

We painted the bottom red and sewed a red pom on the top!  We found some fake glasses at the dollar store.  So super easy!  Everywhere we went people would scream out, “WHERE’S WALDO?”

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Where's Waldo Costume Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

*circa 2009

Halloween Post from 2011

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Playboy Bunny Costume

Where’s Waldo Costume

Woman’s Pirate Costume

Devil Woman Costume

Kid Halloween Costumes (on short notice)

I know nowadays kids’ costumes are really cheap and you can find them almost anywhere around Halloween time, but when I was a kid that wasn’t the case.  We had all kinds of homemade costumes.

I remember my mom dressing me up as a mime, she dressed me in all black with white gloves and white shoes and would paint my face white with some silly colored shapes.  One year I was a hobo!

I remember wearing all mismatched clothes and I had some kind of stick with a sack at the end.  I think the fun part of Halloween is getting creative and seeing what you can put together.

Let me know in the comments your favorite last-minute Halloween costume.

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simple halloween costume ideas

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