garage organization and declutter

Garage Organization and Declutter

Today I am sharing our garage organization and declutter method.  Organizing doesn’t have to be hard!

When we moved into our new fixer upper we dumped everything into our garage.  There was no organizing!  I am talking a huge pile of random stuff dumped in the middle of the garage.  After a few weeks of tripping and falling over things I decided I had to get organized.

I love organizing and finding a place for every item in my house.  Call me weird, but I get joy out of it.  I believe anyone can be organized it just takes a little time to get set up.  Once you have a place for everything it is easy.

Watch how I organized our garage in one afternoon!

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Garage Organization and Declutter Video:


We have been on a decluttering journey for the last two years, which means we don’t have a lot of decluttering left to do.  But the first thing I always suggest to anyone who is trying to organize an area of their life is to declutter first and as you go.  The garage is one of the easiest places to declutter.  I like to declutter as I organize.

My system is very simple; I group similar items together and as I am sorting I make a pile of everything I no longer need.

For instance, I had all of the extra parts to a tricycle that my kids still ride, but there is no way we will ever convert the tricycle back to a baby bike.  So in this case I donated all of the extra parts.  Part of me thought I should be keeping the parts to donate with the bike, but I noticed this bike is extremely worn out and I think by the time we are done the bike will be as well.

Always analyze why you are keeping certain things and if it is necessary.  My rule of thumb is if I haven’t used something in over a year it’s going.



Set Up

It is impossible to be organized without some kind of shelf or hooks.  It’s inevitable that everything will end up in a pile.  Start by getting a shelf and some hooks.  Most hooks and shelves are extremely affordable, but if you can’t afford that then a simple nail will work.  We actually have quite a few cords hanging from a simple nail in the wall.

We decided on the Whalen shelf from Costco.  This was easy to build and the shelf heights are customizable.

The next step is where to put everything.  I would suggest grouping your items into categories.  All the garden items together, all the cords in one place, all the tools in one area, you get the picture.  My goal was to get once a year items like Christmas decorations out of my house and into the garage.  We only have 2 bins, but I don’t need them taking up valuable space inside my home.

We used the Rubbermaid Fast track system to get everything organized.  This is a great system because you can adjust all of the hooks on the track.



Items With A Home

Every item you won should have a home.  A place to live.  Before we decluttered I realized what made out home look messy was there wasn’t enough space to let every item have a home.  As it turned out the problem wasn’t space at all, it was the fact that we had too much.  As we decluttered our home naturally started to look more put together.

Since we moved into this fixer upper a few months ago our home has looked like a mess again.  That is simply the fact that we don’t have a home for everything yet.  As time goes on and we find a place for every item to live our home will look more and more “put together.”

I hope this was helpful and you are able to see the results of decluttering and organizing your garage and life.  Check out my Garage Organization pinterest board for more inspiration.

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