Minimalist Kitchen Shelf Decor

Today I am sharing my minimalist kitchen shelf decor!  This is a quick before and after of our kitchen shelf.  When I am sitting in my living room and looking straight forward I see my (see-through) kitchen cabinet and some shelves.  I want to streamline these shelves and make it a minimalist kitchen shelf.  How …

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8 Cozy Minimalist Decor Ideas

8 Cozy Minimalist Decor Ideas

I love the way I feel in a home with simple cozy decor.  You don’t need a lot of stuff to make your home feel warm and cozy.  Here are 8 cozy minimalist decor ideas. Decorating isn’t always easy! Especially for someone who is trying to be more minimal.  It feels like adding decorations to …

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Last week I decided to rearrange the furniture.  I was sick of everything looking the same and I thought its summer and its the perfect time to move it all around.  Of course it will all be moving again in a few months when Emmett starts to crawl because almost everything in our house is …

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House Updates

I feel like I have been sleeping a lot lately, but surprisingly when I look back at my photos I see we actually have accomplished quite a lot.  Just last weekend Grant finally got the fan in the down stairs bathroom working so we no longer have to have the front door open as our …

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Finished Bedroom

We have finally finished our bedroom!  Since we moved in we said we will do our bedroom last because we spend the least amount of time in that room and that is the least seen room.  So once we had most of the major things done down stairs we decided it was time.  The first …

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Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business Thanks to a lot of hard work and to the Donatelli Family we were able to put our new windows in our bedroom.  The original windows were horrible! They were about 50 years old with ripped screens and peeling tint.  The new ones are amazing, they block out the heat and …

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I spent this weekend working on our office.  My mom and I went garage sale hunting on Saturday morning and I found the one thing I really wanted, a file cabinet.  Its pretty average but I only wanted it for my closet so its perfect!  We also went by Ikea and got the polka dot …

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