Black and White Office!

Considering our office is already mostly black and white, I have decided that it would look cool to do the office in a black and white theme.  I plan to get black and white curtains and looking at Ikea I can see that there is a lot of affordable items that will really make the …

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The Office Room

 This weekend was spent painting and organizing our office/art room.  We still have a long way to go but we are making progress.  This is still not really the furniture I want, but for now its great.    Below are the Before pictures!  Below are the after pictures. The horrible stripe that went around the …

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Bathroom Before and After

We finally finished the down stairs bathroom.  When we moved in the bathroom was very out dated with one of those shell shaped sinks.  Grant was able to replace the sink and stain the cabinets to make it a little more updated.  Its too bad I didn’t get a picture of the original sink top, …

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Guest Room in Progress…

 Above is our guest room before we painted the wall. Below is what the room looks like now.   Below is what I would like to add to the room Additional white curtains to beef up the curtains that are there now. .Possibly the side table below, or something like it. Possible rug?

Fun and Home Up Dates!

 Last week my mom came over and we had a fiesta! We used out BBQ for the first time.  It worked perfectly, we had found this BBQ at a garage sale for 10 dollars.  The food turned out great!  On Friday night we went to a place called Gas Lamp in Long Beach.  It was …

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Finished Shelf

 Here is our painted kitchen with the one and only thing we have hung on the wall! We used the paint color Gentle Rain by Behr paint and I love the way the color came out.  It looks soo much better than the brown that was originally there. Below is the shelf we painted and …

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Kitchen Re-do Part one

 This week we got a lot of work done on our place.  We replaced the Garage door, replaced the kitchen faucet, painted the kitchen, painted some built in shelves, replaced the shower heads and started on fixing up the down stairs bathroom.  Above is the new garage door Above is the shelves before they were …

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The Big Move!!!!

 Night before the move.  I set our alarms but we were so excited to move we both woke up 2 hours before!  We can never take a normal picture lol.  Thank god my parents and Lacey and Brandon were there to help, with out them it would have taken all day.  Here is our empty …

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 Its time to move!  In the next few days we will be going to our new place.  The good thing is we don’t have too much stuff to move.  I have started packing up a few things but we have a lot more to do. I am soo excited!!!

Interior Design!

This site is sooo cool!  You can design a whole room all you need are the measurements of the room and the furniture! Now I know everything I want to bring to our new place is going to fit. http://www.urbanbarn.com/the-make-room Find all my pictures and ideas on Pinterest I love these colors and this will be …

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